Monday, August 25, 2014

Familiarity, Self-Discovery, and Rising

This morning I ran an easy six miles in 50:18, an 8:23 pace.  Nice loop out York Rd, along Burke, then Towsontown, back up Osler, across Stevenson, down York, and into my neighborhood.  Felt great.  I am up to 1408 miles in my goal of 2000 miles.  I am still on US 54 in Kansas in my virtual pilgrimage.  And I move forward.

Today, I ran over the spot where I tripped last Thursday.  I looked at it as I went by.  There are two sidewalk squares connected by a surface that went up at a relatively steep angle.  But there was not the same type of "jutted up division between squares" that caused my trip back in the spring.  It was just a surface that was at an angle that if I did not raise my feet enough when running, I could have caught a foot on.

That spot was raised and not familiar to me before I tripped.  
But now, I am becoming quite familiar with the spot.  

Yesterday, I commented that the best way to get to know someone or something is to spend time with that person or thing.  I don't want to get to know the spot where I tripped any better, but this will be helpful for me.

I also commented yesterday that knowing something or someone else helps me to know myself better.  Seeing what I tripped over, I thought about how silly it was to catch my foot on something that was not particularly dangerous.  I know myself better because I am willing to come back to where something bad happened and face it again.  I know myself better because I have overcome and I have moved on.  And there will be plenty of times in running when I need to move on and leave things behind.

And as in running, so in life.

So, while the fall and the aftermath have been sobering, the new knowledge and self-discovery are enlightening.  

And the discussion of a rise in the sidewalk does tie in with one other theme today.  As the first day in my middle son's high school experience and the move in day for my oldest son at college, there was a lot of celebration of rising--rather than being tripped up by rising.  And in the spirit of things that are rising, I made a loaf of semolina bread this morning that was the best loaf of semolina bread I've ever made.  That was a wonderful celebration of yeast rising.

So, familiarity, self-discovery, and rising come together in my crazy life. 

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