Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tattoo Wisdom

Since getting my tattoo (starting with a conversation with the artist in the spring of 2012 and ending with the last follow-up visit in early 2013), I have become a lot more interested in other people's tattoos.  Why get them?  What are they?  What do they mean?  Where to get one?  Where and when not to get one?

It is the last question that brings me to today's thought.  I recently gave advice to someone not to get a tattoo while they were in emotional turmoil.  I mentioned this on Thursday, June 27, in an earlier entry.  In my earlier entry, I noted that getting a tattoo when there is turmoil and not healing can be problematic as it might not be the best time for making a decision about a permanent change for one's body.  Another way of phrasing it would be to think of it as needing all the wisdom one can muster.  If one's wisdom is being used for something else--don't make a decision about a tattoo.  If one's wisdom is pre-occupied with other issues--don't make a decision about a tattoo.  If one's wisdom is in any way limited from giving full attention to the question of a tattoo that it deserves--don't make a decision about a tattoo.

The decision about where, how large, and what to get is critical.  It requires wisdom.  It requires consideration.  It requires prudence.  The change is so permanent and so profound (and probably so costly) that every ounce of wisdom, prudene, thoughtfulness and reason that one can muster should be dedicated to the decision.

Since offering my friend advice that I mentioned on June 27, I have been pondering whether there would be an entrepreneurial opportunity here.  I could never be the tattoo artist.  But it could be fun to help people brainstorm about symbolic tattoo ideas.  (Thinking symbolically is something I enjoy very much as my blog readers are well aware.)  It could be fun to help provide some of the wisdom and prudence.  It could be fun to help a person think through whether there is some other way to tell the story and keep it close or if it is absolutely necessary to get the tattoo because of how prominent the story is for them and how close they want it to be forever.

Many of those steps could be done by a thoughtful tattoo artist--brainstorming, careful placement, etc. But some might be possible only for a person who knows about tattoos but is not directly connected to an artist and who does not have an incentive to push for the tattoo, but instead has an incentive to provide the ideas and leave the ultimate decision to the person.

So fun--of course as a hobby that promotes symbolic thinking and linking.  (Connecting the dots and nourishing the soul is the title of the blog after all.)  Profitable--maybe?  Making a living--not likely.  But for me the key is to really emphasize that there are aspects of wisdom, prudence, and reason to getting a tattoo that people should appreciate before they make a decision.  If it is just one day on my blog and an occasional piece of advice to a friend--so be it.  If some day I make it something more, that would be interesting.   

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