Monday, July 22, 2013

Lessons from a Sunday Run with Hills

Yesterday, I went on a long run on a Sunday.  It was a lot different than my typical weekend long run as I actually "slept in" on Saturday and was well rested for the run from the zoo starting just after 6 AM.  I had hoped to have a group of three but in the end it was just two.

The person I ran with is someone with whom I have run consistently for two years and known for three.  What was amazing yesterday was that my running friend knew just when to push the pace and just how hard to push the pace to achieve the goals my friend had in mind and to benefit me.  Enough faster going up a hill to keep and gain confidence for the next time either of us hits a hill in a race.

And in many ways that is like life in general.  Needing people to lend a hand when I need a push over a hill.  Sometimes a personal hill, and I get help from my wife.  Sometimes a professional hill and there have been many people who have helped along the way.  Sometimes I need to ask for help.  And sometimes the people around me just know I need it.  And can judge how much to help.

Not every situation is the same, but a lot can be learned from running hills with someone who is better at running hills than I am.  

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