Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's Catholic Church Readings and the Weather

On this day, I find myself a continental distance away from my family.  They are home.  I am at a professional conference.  In some ways, I wish it had been easier to back out of the commitments that I have this week.  But it is not really simple or possible to pull back from a variety of reservations and there are professional expectations.  And other than provide camaraderie, I'm not sure what I could do at home.  At least this way, when I get home, I'l be able to help as a well rested person who has not stressed quite as much during the week.  Still, I can only say "not stressed as much" as I will be stressed here wondering what will happen to my family.  In short, with a house with some history of basement flooding and many large trees both around the house and in the neighborhood, I worry that this storm could be a real disaster.

As such, I take some solace from today's Catholic church Gospel reading.  The reading is from the Gospel according to Mark, chapter 10, veres 46-52.  The story is of a blind man who asks for pity, and when Jesus asks what he wants, he says " see."  Jesus restores his sight based on his faith.

This is a week in which I will need a lot of faith.  I am just hoping that my faith and my family's faith an be as strong as the blind man in the Gospel reading.  If it is, this may be a messy week with implications for a long time to come, but we will persevere and come through.

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