Monday, October 22, 2012


Yesterday at church, the opening song played by the worship band in which I play electric bass every Sunday was called "The Stand".  We didn't play the whole song as written.  We repeated the chorus five times over with the music building, starting a whole step below the key in which it was written and ending in the key in which it was written--modulating after three repetitions and then repeating twice more.  It was a very fun song to play.  The bass part was nice but easy.  And I could actually look up and smile while just playing almost without thinking.  I felt God's joy in my playing. It was good.

Then, the priest made a number of comments during the homily.  Of course, he addressed the readings.  But, as importantly on this particular day, he also addressed the fact that the confirmandi, i.e. the class of mostly 9th graders who will be confirmed in June if all goes well, were attending the mass.

He told them to listen to what he said, but more importantly to watch what he (and all the other adults in the congregation) did, and how he acted, and how he made choices in life to see what being Catholic really meant.

In other words--he challenged the teens to consider what the church stands for.  It was a nice way to tie back to the opening song.

And it was a nice way for me to tie back to a week away and to look forward.  It was only by some stroke of luck or by some divine intervention (I like to believe the latter) that I made it from landing at Dullest at 6:32 to being in my home by 8:35, and able to take my two younger boys to Sunday school by 9:15 and to be ready to take my class of third graders on a neighborhood service project as well.  It was such a good way to feel that maybe God was smiling down and saying, "See, I answered your prayer to get home quickly and be with your class so you can serve."

All for God's glory. That is what I try to stand for.

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