Friday, December 11, 2015

Seeing My Sons Connect the Dots

Sometimes as a parent, I wonder how much I am getting through to my kids.  I have heard two stories recently that nicely reflect on my sons and how I believe I have gotten through.

First, after a recent concert my oldest and his girlfriend made sure to walk my wife (who was there alone as I was in London) back to her car.  My son then also made sure that his girlfriend got home safely before riding his own bike back to his dorm.  As I described this to a friend with whom I often run, she commented on how much of a gentleman that made my oldest.

Second, for my youngest, he made dinner last night.  That was not all that unusual. My ten year old is in charge of dinner a lot of nights.  What was unusual was the fact that it was our first home cooked dinner in about four weeks.  The kitchen is done.  And he and my wife stopped someplace on their way home to get some stuff to make for dinner.  So, when I arrived, I had the opportunity to eat garlic bread that my son had made from a loaf of bread and spices, some mozzarella topped with diced tomato that he had made, and pumpkin ravioli.  I skipped those to consumer some leftovers I didn't want to go to waste, but it was great to see that he had taken the initiative and mentioned his sense of satisfaction and accomplishment with making dinner himself.

All the things I have taught him--how to prepare food, the importance of good food, the importance of preparing food for yourself, and when we got home from his concert the importance of cleaning up--had come to life.  He has connected the dots.  Hopefully he finds it nourishing his soul.  

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