Monday, September 14, 2015

Boston 2016--Not

Here at the skating rink. It's a Monday night.  And I'll miss several of the next few practices for driving, so I get the chance to take my son (and his two friends with whom we carpool) to the rink this evening.  The shirt recognizes that today is the first day of registration for Boston 2016.  Everyone who ever has run Boston.  Everyone who ever will run Boston.  Everyone who has come to watch and cheer others on.  And all those killed or injured in 2013.  The year I earned my shirt.  I am eligible but will not register.  Tempting as it may be, I have a longer race to run at the end of May.  It is hard not to do things.  I am someone who always likes to get things started, but sometimes has a problem finishing.  And I almost always find it difficult to say no.  But this time I am.

Knowing my strengths and weaknesses, they guide my actions.  My actions reflect my faith.  My faith has been built over a lifetime.

Yesterday at mass, I had a good reminder of the link between faith and action.  I was glad to see Father Sam back in action.  First time we'd seen him at St. Pius X in a couple of months.

The response song was taken from Psalm 40--"Here am I, Lord.  I come to do your will."  That was followed by a reading from the letter of James which talked about faith without actions and how that is a problem.  See my faith through my actions.  

My faith drives my running.  My running is just an example of all the other things that I can do in my life.  Bringing things from start to finish.  Completing.  Excelling.  Focusing on others' outcomes.  Focusing on others' well-being.  Encouraging everyone as I go along.  Making many friends.  Sharing stories.  Sharing hopes.  Sharing dreams.  Sharing disappointments.  Being in the presence of others.  Being an ear to listen.  A shoulder to cry on.  Bringing joy to others.  The joy of service  The joy that comes from being others-centered.  The joy that comes with an outlook on life that says there is always good hat can be found.  

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