Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Good Pace Alone

This morning, as I was getting ready to go out the door, I heard from my running partner that she would not be able to make it this morning.  Well pump at home going bad.  That is definitely not a good thing.  And I have had my own share of house issues over the years so I understood.

We had planned to run the same course that we had planned to do on Mother's Day.  That day was hot and sunny.  I had traveled quite a bit in the weeks before and was suffering from spring allergies.  The 15 we had planned turned into 11.8 at an average pace of 8:52 ending at 9:30's.  Not a fun run.

But today, I ran from home.  Home to Lake Ave.  Out to York Rd. Up to Bosley.  Around and back to York Rd.  Up to Northwood.  Turn right and off to Sweet Briar.  Then to Gorsuch.  Then Vista and Charmuth.  All the way to Dulaney.  To Fairmount and on to Goucher.  Up to Joppa. Over to Loch Raven.  Down to Northern Parkway.  On to the Alameda.  Up to Cedarcroft.  Along Chinquapin. Then along Lake to finish.

The pace started nice and easy at 9:14 up past St Pius.  Then 8:27 up to Bill Bateman's.  Then over to Immaculate Conception with an 8:16 which is about where I hung out for a while.  An 8:11 and an 8:08 taking me up along York Rd into Lutherville.  An 8:14 to get to the CCR store.  An 8:04 as I began the trip back toward home.  Back to an 8:14, then 8:16 and 8:02 as I got to a point along Joppa.  Then as I headed home a 7:59, a 7:47, a 7:38, a 7:43, and ended with a 7:46.

This time I did not choke.  I benefitted from cooler temps and cloudy skies.

I did not think about work.

I did not think about much of anything.

Other than the beautiful sky.

And there wasn't much traffic.  And there weren't too many other people, but I did say hello to just about everyone I passed.

And I feel better.

The gift of running.  

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