Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Each Time is Special

A friend of mine suggested that I follow a blog from another local runner.  The blog can be found at It is the story of someone much newer to running than I am.  The author of the blog did not run as a teenager.  In fact, the author of the blog did not run a race until the local Celtic Solstice run in 2011 and has run only one marathon so far.  And this is her first blog about running.

Reading blogs from experienced runners is fun.  There are plenty of insights and it is sort of like soldiers sharing war stories.

However, I have been fascinated by the early insights that someone has.  The entire set of ideas that comes up when a person is new to running is different.  The questions.  The concerns.  The issues.  The worries.

It reminds me how special each run is.  Each time I lace up the shoes and get ready to go out, I get a thrill from the preparation and the running.  Each race I prepare for is meaningful in terms of all the thinking and all the preparation.  Each time I line up at the start of a race--even a local 5K--I still get butterflies.  And each time I finish--a workout or a race--I can say that I have done it just because I can.

I will elaborate on the "because I can" theme in a later blog entry.  For right now, I would just comment on sharing the feeling of, "So What?  I Run" with the other blog's author.  It is fun.  It is a part of me.  I like to share elements of it with others--regardless of whether they run or not.  But it doesn't make me any more special than anyone else.  It just makes me feel more me.  Like the best me I can be.  And I love that feeling.

And for anyone who reads my blog to find out about running (or life), I would suggest you check out So What?  I Run.  

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